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The historical hashtag, use it to share your most horrific pictures taken within any video games. It doesn’t have to be gory by the way, a creepy atmosphere can be a great picture too for example.
A moment is created every Saturday and shared with the whole community.
You can have a look here ➡ #FridayVHS


This one is about creating a poster from a movie you like, you can use any game or tools to do it. Use this hashtag whenever you want.
Please, have a look ➡ #FridayVHSPosters


So you took a creepy shot in real life and don’t know how to share it ? Use this hashtag to show us the photograph you took in real life, you can use any tools to edit the picture. Use this hashtag whenever you want.
Have a look ➡ #FridayVHSGoesReal


10 questions to get to know you better.
You can fulfill the questionnaire here if you want ➡ The Questionaire


Every Wednesday we take a look in the past and (re)discover awesome horror pictures from the community.