Darth Noxious

Introduce yourself in a few words for those who don’t know you.
D. Noxious here. 32 years experience in gaming. Love anything out of normality or make feel uncomfortable.

What is your first memory related to the horror genre (literature, cinema or video games ) ?
Resident Evil

What is your favorite horror video game ?
I have no favorites. Horror can be everywhere.

Who is the scariest video game character in your opinion ?
Specially none. The naiver they looks, the worse they are. All of them are special.

The last game that marked you (not necessarily related to horror) ?
Death Stranding. So emotional.

Which scene in a video game scared you or disgusted you the most ?
I can remember when Kratos crushes Poseidon face on GoW 3. Was like “yeeeah”

What are you really afraid of ?
Death of close people.

What are the 3 VPs that you recommend to others and why ?
@Steff_galery_ is talent. @MissMisthios is color and contrast. @CallMeDestry gets a perfect shot where it is not.

Do you prefer a candlelit meal with Hannibal Lecter or play hide and seek with Michael Myers ?
Dr. Lecter is sooo interesting. Glad to dine with him and survive.

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