Red Death

Introduce yourself in a few words for those who don’t know you.
I am @RedDeath251, please call me Red Death. I am a virtual photographer in gaming and my style is mainly dark and gory edits made on Photoshop.

What is your first memory related to the horror genre (literature, cinema or video games ) ?
My first memory related to horror was playing Resident Evil 5 with my brothers when I was 10. Many scenes in the game gave me nightmares for weeks.

What is your favorite horror video game ?
To be honest, I don’t really have a favorite horror game, but one of my favorites I’ve enjoyed recently was the first Manhunt game.

Is this the game that scared you the most ?
Not exactly, although I did get a few frights during my first playthrough.

Who is the scariest video game character in your opinion ?
I have two characters, one is Mr. X from the original Resident Evil 2, he almost gave me heart attacks being chased by him. The other is Piggsy from Manhunt, his appearance and background story game me absolute chills.

The last game that marked you (not necessarily related to horror) ?
Cyberpunk 2077

Which scene in a video game scared you or disgusted you the most ?
A scene in Dead Space 2 where Isaac climbs into the NoonTech Diagnostic Machine to gain access to the part of the brain to get information only to have a needle sticking in his eye. It was absolutely disturbing to watch.

What are you really afraid of ?
I’m afraid of losing the people I truly care about. My family and friends I’m really close with. I’ve lost a few family members and best friend, even lost a few friendships. I don’t want to lose anybody.

What are the 3 VPs that you recommend to others and why ?
Honestly I have a ton I would recommend. I come on Twitter every day seeing what my friends and many other VP’s have posted and they never cease to amaze. I believe a lot of people have such creative potential to virtual photography, and many have inspired me.

Do you prefer a candlelit meal with Hannibal Lecter or play hide and seek with Michael Myers ?
I’d have a meal wit Hannibal Lecter any day, especially feasting on human flesh with him.

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