Introduce yourself in a few words for those who don’t know you.
French, immigrant, widower, passionate, caring, stubborn, susceptible.

What is your first memory related to the horror genre (literature, cinema or video games ) ?
I think I watched one Chucky movie when I was very young.

What is your favorite horror video game ?
Silent Hill 2

Is this the game that scared you the most ?
Nope, that could go to Fatal Frame 2 I think (which was close to make it to the precedent answer).

Who is the scariest video game character in your opinion ?
Sae from Fatal Frame 2 (no, I know other games, I swear!).

The last game that marked you (not necessarily related to horror) ?
Well… Mortal Shell.

Which scene in a video game scared you or disgusted you the most ?
Mmmh… Some Fatalities in various Mortal Kombat are scary. Not because they’re gore, but because someone thought about that type of death !

What are you really afraid of ?
I’m really afraid of losing 2 specific people.

What are the 3 VPs that you recommend to others and why ?
@jcden77 A silent hit machine, respectful and always on top. @Chy_Visual_Arts because the amazing B&W work I dream I could do. @Raffu42 Because Raffu. Come one, he IS virtual photography.

Do you prefer a candlelit meal with Hannibal Lecter or play hide and seek with Michael Myers ?
Hannibal all day long! I bring the Chianti !

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