Introduce yourself in a few words for those who don’t know you.
Photographer in real life, full time gamer, geek and nerdy and cat lover. Just ask I can tell more.

What is your first memory related to the horror genre (literature, cinema or video games ) ?
When I was 7, I found in school library a book by Bram Stocker. Shall I say that I still love penny dreadful novels and all the vampires/werewolves/ghosts/horror stuff ?

What is your favorite horror video game ?
I would say Silent Hill series. Still one of my favorite franchise. But others are good too.

Is this the game that scared you the most ?
Fatal Frame/Project Zero. The setting and that you need to take pictures by camera was so scary for me.

Who is the scariest video game character in your opinion ?
Those who jump scaring you (I can’t pick one, really).

The last game that marked you (not necessarily related to horror) ?
I would say Cyberpunk.

Which scene in a video game scared you or disgusted you the most ?
It’s hard to say now, but any scene that including something appearing behind my back makes me feel very uncomfortable.

What are you really afraid of ?
If something happens to my beloved ones and snakes…

What are the 3 VPs that you recommend to others and why ?
Go follow my teammates 😋 Otherwise there is huge list of people who is inspiring me, who I really like and who are amazing friends.

Do you prefer a candlelit meal with Hannibal Lecter or play hide and seek with Michael Myers ?
I’m bad at hide and seek games but I prefer men with brains 😉

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